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Make Long Distance Running Easier with Humango

By Gaelle Abecassis | Mar 2, 2024

Millions of runners around the world complete half-marathons and marathons successfully each year. Many are gifted natural runners who’ve been running since elementary school. Others never ran until a year or two before their first marathon. But regardless of their backgrounds, they all benefit from years and years of evolving training guidelines for distance runners. You, too, can tap into that expertise with Humango’s AI-powered endurance coaching app. With the app’s connectivity with Garmin and Suunto GPS watches, you can put that expertise to practice and accelerate your long-distance running progress.

Tune Your Body to Run Far

Training for distance running events starts with developing a fine-tuned aerobic engine, the cardiovascular system that keeps your blood pumping efficiently to your running muscles mile after mile. And as your engine becomes more efficient, you can go farther while putting in the same effort. 

By tracking your runs with a GPS sports watch and heart rate monitor, you can avoid a common trap that trips up many new — and even experienced — runners: running slower or faster than they should. Those who run slow are certainly improving their cardiovascular fitness, but they’re also teaching their body how to run slow. Those who run too fast may feel like they’re doing the work. And they are, but they never really give their body a chance to recover. It sounds counter-intuitive, but by running too fast too often, they prevent themselves from running even faster.

A training app like Humango will set your running paces according to your current fitness level, prescribing workouts that are neither too easy nor too hard when the goal is aerobic efficiency. 

Run Fast the Right Way

To run faster, you need to, yes, run fast. But you need to run as fast as possible for 1-8 minute intervals as part of your training, even for marathon distances. Speed work forces you to run with good form and cadence. The American College for Sports Medicine recommends all runners shoot for a running cadence of more than 170 steps per minute. Today’s GPS watches can measure your cadence to tell you if you’re on pace. Taken together, this focus on top-end, all-out speed will improve your running economy, which saves energy and trains your body to run faster for longer. 

Speed work and long-distance running sound like oxymorons, but the combo works. The tricky part is finding the right time and place for it in a multi-week training plan. Humango’s coaching app will know where to insert these workouts. Once they’re downloaded, Humango’s AI will adjust your future workouts accordingly. Nailing every interval? Expect to see harder ones in the future. Struggling to finish the last workout? Humango will schedule easier workouts that meet you where you are on your running journey. 

Schedule Time for a Strong Foundation

Strong runners with legs built to last require a rock-solid core to give their legs a solid platform to drive them forward. A strong foundation is also a key to stamina and endurance; the more stable the core, the more energy your body can redirect to your legs. A basic core-strengthening routine that targets your stomach, back, chest, shoulders, hips, and legs is all you need, and you can get a quality core workout in as little as 20 minutes. But knowing when and where to schedule it in between your runs can be difficult. That’s where Humango steps in, scheduling strength-training sessions for times when they complement, not interrupt, your plan. 

Know When To Take a Break

Recovery and rest. Everyone knows these are vital to improving any athletic endeavor. Yet, it’s so hard to deduce how much is too little or too much. (Oddly, the result is a fitness plateau followed by slowly eroding fitness in both cases.) Knowing how much rest you need to optimize your running progression is as easy as downloading your runs and strength workouts to Humango’s app. It’ll take your results and schedule an extra day off if needed. Or it could accelerate your schedule if it sees you crushing — not merely finishing — your workouts. Thanks to Humango, the guesswork that goes into figuring out how much work is too much is gone. Now, you can learn your limits without years of trial and error.

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Posted by Gaelle Abecassis