Improve your sport-life balance.

Health, fitness, and recovery in one social wellness platform enhanced by AI.

Spend less time planning AND more time achieving.

Find communities of athletes on similar journeys, anywhere you are, and train with your tribe.


The science

Artificial intelligence training models built collaboratively by today’s top tech and health talent.

Awarded by the National Science Foundation in 2020.

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Stay confident about race day knowing that your individualized training plans are optimized in real time with each new session.

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The emotion

What’s your passion?

Empowered by our science-based system, you can do more of it, better. Stay motivated to do what you love by leaving the planning to HumanGo™.

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Overtraining is the biggest problem incurred by runners who lack the experience or discipline to cope with their own enthusiasm.

– Marty Liquori


And it’s not just for TOP ATHLETES…

With HumanGo™, you can achieve that discipline regardless of your experience, and without ever compromising on your health or enthusiasm.

Surround yourself with people as ambitious as you are. Join group workouts and challenges, push each other to be better, and celebrate together.

Achieve the ultimate balance between family, work, and training – something we like to call your sport-life balance.

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