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Tired of wasting precious hours manually inputting data?
Looking for a tool that scales your business and improves your athlete relationships?
Having trouble finding a training software you can trust?

We’ve curated the science and tamed the technology, so that you can do the best part of the job: coach.

Benefits for coaches

Do better at helping your athletes achieve their goals.

With AI-balanced training, you can rest assured knowing that all the tweaking is taken care of (bye-bye spreadsheets).

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Customize Dashboard

Use the time you save to truly connect.

Work together with customized dashboards to help your athletes visualize their motivation, both physically and mentally. Give your athletes the moral support they need.


All of your athletes’ data (past and present) at your fingertips.


Have a great overview of your team’s fitness and fatigue, as well as detailed insights into each individual’s evolution.

Organize team workouts in no time!

Team Dashboard

Easily identify and bring together athletes that are at similar training levels. Organize team workouts, set challenges, and better manage your team.

Train more athletes, better.

Time is our currency

Lean on HumanGo™ for the optimal, individualized training schemes that you need to grow your business.

Avoid injury and improve recovery.

Improve Dashboard

Adjust the path and not the goal by introducing life events. Our machine learning models continually monitor your athletes and offer action plans that optimize their probability for success.

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