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Nutrition for Your Race

Nutrition for Your Race

From 5K to Ultra Marathon There’s incredible wisdom in the adage, “Nothing new on race day.” When it comes to race nutrition, you should practice your race-day food and fluid strategy during your training.  Your nutritional needs depend highly on your metabolism, food tolerance, and preferences...
half marathon

Half Marathon Training: 5 Simple Steps To Make It Happen

A half marathon is quite a step up from a 10km race! Although it is just over double the distance, the fatigue accumulation for the distance is not exactly double.  Step 1 One of the most effective things you can do to prepare yourself for the full 21.1 km (13.1 miles) is to train the majority of th...
Relative Energy Deficiency

Nutrition for Optimal Recovery

Preventing Relative Energy Deficiency As you embark on an intensive training season, be on the lookout for signs of overtraining or Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S). Symptoms may include fatigue, loss of performance, mood disturbance, illness, or injury, and they can be damaging to your e...
endurance training

7 Endurance Training Tips: How To Stay Motivated And Improve Your Performance.

You might be following an endurance training plan, or maybe you’re thinking about getting started on one. No matter what your level of commitment towards your goal, you are likely thinking about how you will stay motivated and see your goal come to life! Read on for seven practical yet powerful tips...
Carb Periodization

Nutrition for Metabolic Adaptation and Performance

Carb Periodization Explained As we discussed in our previous blog, carbohydrates are the most recommended energy source for endurance athletes looking to achieve optimal performance during competitions and intense training. In recent years, however, we’ve seen more athletes turning to low-carb diets...
sprint triathlon

5 Ways To Train For A Sprint Triathlon.

As the name implies, a sprint triathlon is the shortest of the race categories. This makes it a good entry point for beginners, those with limited training time, or even more experienced athletes looking for a change or to test a new approach out. That said, you don't prepare for a sprint triathlon...
Nutrition For Your Training Days

Nutrition For Your Training Days

Cover Your Bases In the first article of this series, we set the foundation by discussing optimal nutrition for your training days. Now we will review the latest sport nutrition guidelines to help you fuel your training while staying healthy and energized for your upcoming race.  • We will expl...
Ideal nutrition for endurance event training and overall health.

Getting Ready For Your Next Endurance Event

Nutrition For Performance And Health You’ve just signed up for your next race. You are eager, excited, and fully committed to the long and demanding training ahead. Now is a perfect time to think about your nutrition. You are going to spend a lot of hours and effort training, and you want to be at y...