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cycling training plan

Cycling Training for More Power and Speed

The perfect cycling training plan has been sliced and diced into countless specialties. Training fundamentals for a triathlon will differ from those for a road cyclist, which differs from the ones used by an endurance mountain biker or gravel rider. That said, they’ll all mix in a variation of longe...
sleep recovery

The Importance of Sleep for Your Best Performance

Want to know a legal fitness hack that few people take advantage of? Sleep. That’s right, some good old-fashioned slumber. In fact, Matthew Walker, a neuroscience professor who specializes in sleep research, says, “Sleep may be the greatest legal performance-enhancing drug that too few athletes are...
multisport athlete

The Benefits of Becoming a Multisport Endurance Athlete

Participating in different endurance sports can play a crucial role in your overall health. Outside of sufficient sleep each night, exercise may be the most beneficial habit you can practice. And one way to stay active for decades is to mix things up. Doing so will reduce the risk of an overuse inju...
post workout recovery

Post Workout Recovery Tips for Every Body

Recovery from a workout, especially a hard one, is when you grow stronger and faster and develop more stamina. In essence, recovery — not your cool-down — is the true final step in your workout. Treat it as such, and you should be able to accelerate your progress and make your next training session...
triathlon training plan

Humango’s AI Coach Prepares Triathletes for Any Triathlon

Triathlon distances appeal to different types of participants. Some people love biking, running, and swimming equally. Some love the challenge of pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone. Others would get bored just training for one discipline, like running, all the time. Still others dream...
5k training plan

Use Precision Training for Your Ultimate 5K Run

The perfect 5k training plan will vary from runner to runner. Some are natural sprinters for whom a 3.1-mile race will feel like a painfully long run. Others are born marathoners who treat a 5k race like an arduous all-out sprint. Unfortunately, many 5k race plans are designed with a one-size-fits-a...
long distance running

Make Long Distance Running Easier with Humango

Millions of runners around the world complete half-marathons and marathons successfully each year. Many are gifted natural runners who’ve been running since elementary school. Others never ran until a year or two before their first marathon. But regardless of their backgrounds, they all benefit from...
strength training exercises

Effective Strength Training for Cyclists

Strength training is an oft-overlooked super-supplement for cyclists. It develops the power used for sprints and muscling over hilly terrain. It fends off the muscle fatigue you feel at the end of a long ride. Strength training exercises with weights promote bone density, which can be a problem with...