Individualized training plans

Like you’ve never seen them before.

Tired of generic training schemes and nearly-there results?
Want to track your everyday progress in real time and meet others like you?
Looking to better balance your sports and life events?

We’ve curated the science and tamed the technology, so that you can do the best part of the job: stay motivated.

Benefits for athletes

Level up with science-based training enhanced by AI

Get the guidance you need to make palpable strides towards your wellness goals.

Curious why it works?

HumanGo™’s science-based approach and technology continually analyzes today’s data to best determine how to optimize your long-term potential.

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Improve your performance and stay motivated.

HumanGo™ uses your daily fitness and fatigue levels to monitor your progress and ensure that you get to race day as fit and fresh as possible.

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Embark on your personal wellness journey.

Whether you want to set a new personal record, begin training, or establish healthy habits and consistent routines, HumanGo™ helps you in your pursuit of health and well-being.

Find and train with your tribe.

HumanGo™ can connect you with athletes that share your goals and abilities. Grow your network by allowing the app to match you with training partners and adapt your plan to stimulate higher quality, more fun sessions and challenges.

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Balance training to avoid stress and injuries.

Triathletes and avid runners are often also busy professionals, continuously balancing family, work, and their competitive edge. HumanGo™ takes both your life constraints and training response into account when optimizing your plans, so that you reach your potential in the best conditions body- and mind-wise.

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