Stefan’s Triathlon Journey with Humango

My Triathlon Journey with Humango

The allure of triathlon started when I witnessed Simon Whitfield clinch the gold at the 2000 Summer Olympics. Growing up in Canada, the dream persisted but was never realized. In 2018 when I moved to Stockholm, I felt it was time to give triathlon a try. It was 2019 when I decided to chase this dream, enrolling for the 2020 Stockholm Triathlon. But as fate had it, the event kept being postponed. Fast forward to 2023, I finally got the chance to dive into my first-ever triathlon sprint.

Stepping into this challenge, my only aim was to finish. A completion time of 2:15 seemed ambitious. Yet, I found myself not only finishing but securing the 19th spot out of 176 participants with a time of 01:30:09. An outcome I hadn’t even dared to dream.

Having used various platforms since 2019 for my training, Humango stood out for its adaptability. My new job in 2022 came with travel restrictions, limiting access to pools or bikes. Yet, Humango effortlessly fit into my erratic schedule, helping me plan and realize my goals. When race day came, the preparation felt second nature. Everything flowed seamlessly until a friend’s shout, urging a final sprint, made me realize I could finish within 1:30:00. Crossing the line at 1:30:09, the joy was indescribable. What’s more, the post-race soreness I braced myself for was remarkably milder, a testament to Humango’s effective training regimen.

To anyone contemplating athletic challenges and seeking the right training partner: choose Humango. I’ve tried others like Training Peaks and Wahoo System, but none mirrored real-life adaptability like Humango. It’s not just for elite athletes but for every individual aspiring to break barriers.

Up ahead, I have my eyes set on my first-ever half marathon, a couple of Olympic distance races, and a mix of running and cycling events. And for every step of this journey, I’ll have Humango by my side, the platform that transformed my athletic aspirations into reality. To all those embarking on similar pursuits: just do it, and let Humango guide the way.

Competed in my first sprint triathlon last Saturday, and because of Humango, I absolutely smashed it! Set a goal of 2:15 and was worried all season if that was ambitious. When I saw my final result, I couldn’t believe it!! 1:30:09 and placed 19 / 176! I couldn’t have done it without the platform!

– Stefan