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Train for Your Next Race With Humango

Achieve your running goals with AI-powered training plans

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Run Faster and Train Smarter with Humango.

  • Personalized Goals

    Run your first race? Set a half-marathon PR? Choose your goals and let Humango customize a plan to help you crush them.

  • Race-Specific Workouts

    Train for your next 5K, trail run, or marathon with workouts designed to optimize your performance on the course.

  • Optimized Training Schedule

    Set a routine that works for your lifestyle and adjust your schedule as your availability changes.

  • Seamless Wearable Integration

    Sync your run data to your wearable devices for a streamlined training experience with real-time feedback.

Humango optimizes your training to improve your performance.

Guided Workouts

Get curated workouts tailored to your goals.

Execute with precision and receive feedback as you train.

Projected Fitness

See your anticipated level of fitness for race day.

Follow a personalized race strategy based on your specific race course and data.


Real Results

Track your progress in real time.

Analyze your performance using data and key metrics from your training.

Season Periodization

Ensure peak fitness on race day.

Plan your training in personalized, customizable phases to get you ready for your event.

Dynamic Progression

Enjoy a plan that dynamically adapts to you.

Stay on track with your goals by seamlessly transitioning from an endurance-focused phase to a more race-specific approach while continuously adjusting to deviations.

Tailored Plans

Get personalized workouts based on your metabolism and availability.

Continuously improve your fitness without the risk of overtraining with workouts that adjust to accommodate fatigue and the necessary cycles of load recovery.

Train with Others Like You.

Create and join groups of athletes and coaches with similar goals. Our social feature allows you to communicate with and train alongside other athletes, adding a layer of healthy competition as you work to reach your full potential.

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Thank you HumanGo!!! You have helped me with becoming an Athlete again! I can't thank you enough on what it means to get that title back and the guidance that you have given me as I started training for my first event back. It was only a 10K, but we need to run before we can fly. Onto my next training plan. Thank you HumanGo & Thank you Hugo!!! Sincerely, Stephen Crescenti

Mark Ruehmann

I am Mark from Germany, Frankfurt. I trained this year for my second Triathlon, Olympic Distance. The race is in my hometown Frankfurt. Last year i did 03:07 and this year 03:00, so improved by 7 minutes overall after roughly 4 months of training with Humango.ai.


Finished on May 26th my first sprint triathlon with 1:33:09, now on Aug 5th I'm planning to beat this and achieve 1:10:00. Next one would be either Olympic distance in Sep 3rd or half distance 70.3 spring 2024 working 9-5 with business trips included - some trainings to be done in other EU countries.

Improve Your Performance and Reach Your Full Potential.

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Transform your training with personalized, AI-powered digital coaching.

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