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Transform Your Gran Fondo Training With Humango

AI-powered training that sets you up for peak performance on your ride

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The Journey to Your Best Finish Starts Here.

  • Ride-Specific Plans

    Prep for your next Gran Fondo with workouts designed around your event.

  • Targeted Goals

    Let Hugo help you plan your target pace and power for the big day.

  • Optimized Training Schedule

    Set your schedule and let Hugo adjust your plan as your availability changes.

  • State-of-the-Art AI

    Talk with Hugo to get the answers to your questions and customize your training to your specific needs.

Humango optimizes your training to improve your performance.

Guided Workouts

Get curated workouts tailored to your goals.

Execute with precision and receive feedback as you train.

Projected Fitness

See your anticipated level of fitness for your event.

Get a personalized race strategy based on your specific race course and data.

Real Results

Track your progress in real time.

Analyze your performance using data and key metrics from your training.

Season Periodization

Ensure peak fitness on race day.

Train in personalized and customizable phases that make up your season.

Dynamic Progression

Enjoy a plan that dynamically adapts to you.

Stay on the best path toward reaching your goals by seamlessly transitioning from an endurance-focused phase to a more ride-specific approach while continuously adjusting to deviations.

Tailored Plans

Get personalized workouts based on your availability.

Continuously improve your fitness without the risk of overtraining with workouts that adjust to accommodate fatigue and the necessary cycles of load recovery.

Train with Others Like You.

Create and join groups of athletes and coaches with similar goals. Our social feature allows you to communicate with and train alongside other athletes, adding a layer of healthy competition as you work to reach your full potential.

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Pav Bryan

Humango is the final big step in making effective training accessible to everyone. No other platform creates an individualized plan that constantly evolves according to goal events, availability, and training performance. It is like having a coach in your pocket.

GranFondoGuide Publishers

When we looked at the latest in training technology, there was no doubt that AI is making a big impact in endurance bike training. The capabilities to make continuous adjustments are incredible, and we were very impressed with Humango.

Level up your training with one of
our premium plans.

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Special Offer for GranFondoGuide.com

Spend less time planning and more time achieving, all while maximizing recovery and minimizing overtraining.



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Starts with a free 30-day trial. No Credit Card Required

  • Personalized training plans that continuously adapt to you
  • Create or join specific Gran Fondo event Groups
  • Full Access to Humango’s Endurance subscription
    • Set preferred training days and duration
    • Include crosstraining sports, such as running, swimming, and strength and conditioning.
    • Plan and replan your training based on work and family  commitments
    • Connect your data (include guided workouts for Garmin, Suunto, Apple, Coros and export workouts to Zwift, Wahoo, and other smart trainers)
    • Organize workouts with friends and follow their progress
    • Add other events/races in your season
    • Get personalized feedback and tips from Hugo
    • Real-time race readiness
    • Download the Humango mobile app (iOS and Android)

*the 10% discount will apply only through web app sign-ups.  It will not work if signing up through the mobile app.

Improve Your Performance and Reach Your Full Potential.

Your fitness goals are waiting. Sign up today.


Transform your training with personalized, AI-powered digital coaching.

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